What’s in a Name

Persnickety Crane Cafe

Persnickety Crane Cafe

We get asked often why we named this coffee-house the Persnickety Crane Cafe. It is, as you may have suspected, with great care that we chose this name.

We are persnickety customers and persnickety entrepreneurs – in short, we like things “just so”. We are drawn to excellence as individuals and we strive to be extraordinary in our lives and businesses. And, we think customers should be able to be persnickety too, and expect amazing…. Everything.

The definition of “Persnickety” is “requiring a particularly precise or careful approach. Fussy. Placing emphasis on minor details. Difficult to please. Particular, Demanding, Choosy and Exacting.” We intend to make “persnickety” the new norm for service, product and business atmosphere;
mediocrity is far too commonplace.

Why a crane? Well, because children love animals and we are designing our cafe with children and families in mind. Also, the owners built a home in Poquoson and it’s near a forested/marshy area. Beautiful white birds nested near the property for several years and we just fell in love with the graceful crane and all its gorgeous varieties. Additionally, part of our business model is to provide soft education to children and life-long learners; having an “animal” theme allows us to share fascinating facts about the world around us… adding to your experience at the cafe.

We toyed around with “coffee house” instead of cafe, because we really do want to specialize in high quality coffee experiences. However, since we want our establishment to be a place for families and kids too, we opted to expand our offerings to include specialty homemade juices, fruit bowls and light food. Therefore, “Cafe” seemed a better fit.

And Persnickety Crane Cafe has a nice ring to it…. so there you have it.


Did you know…..

Cranes symbolize happiness, grace, freedom, intelligence and successful marriage. There are 15 species of cranes, and most are on the verge of extinction! Cranes are known as one of the world’s tallest flying birds. They can grow to over 5 feet tall. Unlike some other birds, like the heron, cranes fly with necks outstretched, not pulled back. We think that is a great illustration of being bold and forward leaning…. two traits we admire. These birds can be found in every continent except Antarctica and South America. Most of the cranes inhabit wetlands, marshes, and swamps as they require water and open spaces.