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I’m Cecilia, owner of Persnickety Crane Coffee-house & Cafe, and a dreamer. When I was a young mom of 4 children, I dreamed of a place where I could go and do easy, affordable dates with my husband – no babysitter, no pre-planning needed. Just a drop in place where I could relax, connect, converse and my children could play and learn.

In 2019, I opened Persnickety Crane Café. I launched that dream with just a vision, a small savings and a healthy credit score. For many of you, you know my passion and long-term goal to build over 20 businesses in the Hampton Roads area, and use the profits to fund an Orphan Home for children from war torn countries.

Well, I’m ready to plan the 2nd business. This time, I want to partner with the customers and local community to do it. I want to give you an opportunity to dream with me. They say small business helps create a community culture. Do you want to see more unique shops and restaurants, more local, small business dot the fabric of the 757? Here’s your chance to help create that culture with me, right here.

I’m offering a limited quantity and for a limited time, the sale of a Dream Partner Card. When you buy a Dream Partner card, it enters you into the Dream Drawing to be held March 2022. The company will pick one name from among the Dream Partners and will contribute $1000 towards your dream. Maybe you want to go on a vacation? Throw an amazing picnic at the beach? You decide, up to $1000 and our company will fund it.

In addition, the Dream Partner Card gets you Persnickety beverages for you and your friends.

Some limitations and restrictions apply. 1) Card is for the purchaser to use only and not to be passed around to other users. 2) Limit 10 drinks per day – for in café dining with Dream Partner and friends 3) All drinkers (your friends) need to be present to enjoy their free beverages – an exception is made for 2 drinks (i.e. you come in and order 2 take-out drinks – one for you and one for hubby or co-worker, etc. who is not present. In that case, we’ll craft you up to 2 take-out beverages.

But more than that, it represents you creating something with me  – a 2nd business that is family-friendly and experiential in our local area, for you and your family to enjoy. Note: Funds will be held and used by Persnickety Crane Café until such time as enough working capital is earned and raised to fund another business.

There are 3 options for the Dream Partner Card.

  • $1000 Dream partner is good for beverages for you and friends, for a whole YEAR! (Jan 2022 – Jan 2023). Just show your card when you come in and get your drinks. Some restrictions and limitations apply – noted above.
  • $500 Dream Partner Card – is for 6 months (Jan 2022 – June 2022), on the house drinks for you and your friends. Some restrictions and limitations apply – and on our website.
  • And $250 is the same, but for 3-months (Jan 2022 – Mar 2022). That’s 90 days of complimentary coffee/tea & juice. Some restrictions and limitations apply – and on our website.

This is our big push to build seed money for the launch of a 2nd business (Funds will be held and used by Persnickety Crane Café until such time as enough working capital is earned and raised to fund another business- to be named by 2023.)

And we’d like to do it the way we’ve done just about everything in Persnickety – WITH the COMMUNITY, with our customers.

Will you consider partnering with us in this dream? Are you looking for creative gifts this holiday season? Drop in and get your Dream Partner card & and we’ll keep you caffeinated.

Also as a special thank you we plan to acknowledge our Dream Partners with an invite to a Dream Partner grand opening, at the new business AND will have their names engraved on a stone in the future business … in a fountain, or on a nature wall, or somewhere else really unique and special.

Authors: Cecilia Corujo

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