Why we selected Blanchard’s & Why We Think You will Love Them Too

With our mission of being extraordinary, high quality coffee was a major priority for us. Consequently, we wanted to spend a considerable amount of time finding the right company to source our coffee. That being said, we’ve very excited to be partnering with a local coffee roaster out of Richmond Virginia – Blanchard’s Coffee Roasters.

They are Local, Professional and Friendly

We went with them for several reasons. One key reason is because they’re local, and sourcing local is something we believe in for the economy of our state and nation. Additionally, sourcing locally means we can walk into their roaster any day, see what they are up to, hear about their latest blends, and ask questions about the farms that are supplying the beans. In fact we have and we do and you know what? Every time we visit them, they are professional, informative and passionate about their roasting craft and their relationships with the farmers supplying the coffee beans. They are not pretentious about how a coffee drinker must have a PhD in bean extraction and flavor profiles to enjoy a cup of joe. Their emphasis is all about supplying phenomenal coffee beans and helping coffee lovers learn about and enjoy the beverage that much more.

They Care Consistently and in Every Direction

Here at Persnickety Crane Cafe, we value the care they put in the partnerships they build – not only with coffee shops – but with the farmers they work with. Blanchard’s focuses on fair trade practices as well as ensuring longevity in the partnerships. They know the farmers by name, and work with farmers all around the world, to facilitate sustainable farming. One of the things that stood out to us initially was the difference they seek to make in the communities and farms that they supply from. They not only vet those farms to ensure quality but also sustainability through organic practices and paying a fair price for the coffee. Many times those farmers – being compensated well – earn their entire year’s wages during coffee harvest season. Because Blanchard’s forms mutually beneficial relationships with farmers, rather than taking short cuts or exploiting people or communities, these farmers are able to farm coffee again for the next growing season, and even improve their processes. It’s not a simply a transaction taking place, but really a partnership and relationship that’s being built. And for us at Persnickety Crane Cafe, it allows a way for customers to participate in the sustainability being fostered.

Zeal for Their Craft

John, Stephen and the whole crew over at Blanchard’s are coffee enthusiasts through and through… get them talking about roasting the bean, the farms, the brewing methods and flavor notes and you’d better pull up a stool. Being experts in their craft, Blanchard’s has worked with us extensively to not only provide us the highest quality coffee but are actively working with us on how to best serve customers through our shop. They have open free cupping events, coffee classes, and brewing fundamentals sessions where folks in the community can come learn more about coffee and find the best way they enjoy it. Our menu was influenced by things they recommended with the vast array of blends and seasonal single origin coffees they roast.