About Us & Our Mission

Our Mission is to Be Extraordinary & Change the World one cup of coffee at a time.


We strive to be extraordinary by:

  • Serving high quality, well-prepared coffee in an experiential way – where customers have an experience, not just purchase a product.
  • Keeping the aesthetics in mind as we design our space for beverage lovers of all types, to include the college student wanting to study, or parents wanting a stop-off in their day where they can play with their child in an engaging gathering area, or read a book while their child plays nearby. We want to our establishment to be a comfy spot for all to gather, relax and enjoy beverages & light fare.
  • Creating an establishment where people have a positive, life-giving experience. We plan to achieve this through personalized service, live-music, our interactive world map and charity donations, inspirational quotes that will adorn the walls, our family-oriented gathering area, and other specialized elements.
  • Serving a variety of health conscientious beverages and fare.

We strive to change the world in two main ways:

  • We hope that our cafe will help families grow stronger, inspire people and foster good community vibes. We desire to be a place where mom and dad can have a small date outing – gain sanity and strengthen their marriage; a place where grandparents can bond with their grandkids; moms and kids can meet others and grow friendships, and teens can gather on Friday night for live music… we envision a place where community happens, where people read our wall collage of sayings and laugh or are inspired, and challenged to be their best self, get balance in life and achieve their dreams.
  • This coffee house/cafe is envisioned as the first of over 20 businesses we’d like to establish, with the ultimate goal being to fund and sustain an Orphan Home. To kick off that charity-mindedness, we have a World Map and several charities that we’ll be donating to as we meet our “beverage sale” goals. It might be a charity that helps kids in Asia get surgery to repair birth defects…. It might be a North American bird conservation charity. In this way, we partner with our customers to make the world a better place. And children and life-long learners get to learn about good causes ongoing around the world.


Founder and owner, long-time coffee lover, mom-epreneur and dreamer of big dreams. Honestly, what I have attempted to do with building this coffee shop is to create the place that I wanted for decades as I raised four children, tried to go on date-nights with my hubby, worked and homeschooled. I have endeavored to create a space that will be a blessing to families, kids of all ages and coffee enthusiasts. Coffee has been a mainstay in my life for decades; it has helped me get up early with kiddos, and stay cognitively sharp in the workplace. Though it wasn’t until my eldest son, Elijah, introduced me to the Third Wave movement of quality craft coffee that I realized how personal, complex, diverse, globally-connecting and intricate coffee is, both in the growing and roasting of the beans as well as in the brewing and tasting of the beverage.

Through work and recreation, I have been able to travel extensively. That travel gave me many ideas to bring to a local coffee shop. In Ecuador, I had a host puree an entire watermelon and serve me this juice – it was the most refreshing drink, which we hope to feature on our menu. I’ve enjoyed affogato and specialty teas in London. I have experienced walk-up coffee bars in Italy, and eclectic sit-down cafes and bakeries in Croatia, Japan and Germany. My vision is to bring the best of what I’ve experienced to Virginia – to the crossroads of Yorktown, Newport News, Poquoson and Hampton.

I also want to provide a venue for people to personalize their experience with coffee. It’s more than a beverage…. people have a favorite cup, their unique tastes and preferences. Some want a simple cup of Joe – nothing fancy… others enjoy discussing extraction during the pour over process, and tasting fruity flavor notes. Persnickety Crane Cafe is an outlet for my passion of coffee, quality, creativity, inspiration, and strong families. It is a first step in my goal of making a positive difference in the world.

We are a Yorktown Coffee Shop located at the crossroads of Newport News, Hampton, Poquoson and Yorktown area. There are plenty of options for family dining, meeting spaces, kid entertainment or those caffeine enthusiasts who enjoy the European coffee bar scene.